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The Animal Hospital at the Crossroads is proud to provide a full compliment of services for animal care from bathing to the availability of veterinary specialists when additional expertise is needed.

Our services include:

  • Emergency Services. When the office is closed, we refer to Pet Specialists of Monterey.
  • Laboratory Services. Our hospital maintains an extensive and complete diagnostic center with the ability to conduct a large variety of tests in a short time. We also maintain a close relationship with a national diagnostic service to provide more complex tests and consultation with veterinary specialists.
  • Dental Services. Our new and innovative dental suite allows us to provide the state-of-the-art in animal dental health care.
  • Radiology Services. In addition to the standard diagnostic radiology services, we are also able to offer ultrasound services. Available to us are radiology specialists with ultrasound diagnostics. Plus, a cardiologist with an expertise in echocardiography.
  • Surgical Services. All the doctors on staff provide the general surgical services. But in addition, when a surgical need is presented we are able to provide a veterinary surgical specialist with the surgery being done in our hospital.
  • Cardiology Services. In addition to the echocardiography services, we are in association with a national group of cardiologists that not only can complete electrocardiographs for us, but also consult with our doctors on your pet's heart problems.
  • Endoscopy. Endoscopy services are available when that special diagnostic procedure is needed. This is accomplished with our own in-hospital equipment.
  • Ultrasound Services.
  • Bathing and Grooming. Included in our hospital are bathing services for both dogs and cats with an experienced, well trained staff.
  • House Calls. For those unable to come to the hospital, we are able to come to your home. If you are housebound, your pet is unable to move, or you have a large group of animals, we are able and willing to come to you.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery. If you prefer, we can pick up your pets and deliver them to you after treatment. Arrangements can be made with just a phone call.
  • Sunday Hours. In order to provide additional service, we have recently added a few hours on Sunday when the office will be open and available for the needs of our clients and the patients. These available hours are flexible, but a phone call will provide information of availability.
  • Additional Specialty Services. In addition to the services provided by in-hospital specialist, we maintain close relationships with several animal specialty services in Northern California and at the Veterinary School in Davis, California.
  • Veterinary Information Network. Staying current in veterinary medicine and being able to consult and interact with colleagues and specialists across the country and around the world is an additional service we are able to provide through this international computer network of veterinarians, educators and specialists.
  • Boarding Services. For those clients needing care for their pets while gone, we have a full staff available seven days a week to look after your pet. Inpatient care charges are calculated per CALENDAR DAY, not per 24 hours. Upon entrance, animals checking in after 2:30 p.m. are given a half-day discount. Animals discharged before 2:30 p.m. are also given a half-day discount. Proof of vaccinations must be provided for ALL animals admitted. For boarding purposes we only recognize vaccinations that have been given by a licensed veterinarian and the FD/FVRC and DHLPP must be annual, not a 3-year vaccine. Vaccines may not be mandatory for senior pets who have regular vaccinations. However, an examination will be necessary for our doctor to determine this.

Cats: FD/DVRC yearly and current Rabies
Dogs: DHLPP yearly and current Rabies, Bordetella and Parvo both every 6 months

Cats, Birds, and Rabbits: $20.00
Dogs: 0-49 pounds $24.00
Over 50 pounds $26.00

Clients boarding their pets with us for the first time are asked to prepay upon entrance. Please bring proof of vaccinations with you, or to save yourself time during check-in you may fax it in advance to (831) 624-6601 . All animals are fed Iams Low Residue dry food. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring it with you. Our hospital supplies food bowls, bedding, toys and our own leashes. If you bring your own items from home you will be asked to take them with you upon entrance. We do not want to inadvertently lose your belongings. Please do not bring pig ears, rawhides, cow hooves, bones or any other “treats” for your pet that could be a potential choking hazard. If your pet is taking medication please remember to bring it along. It is also helpful to have a printed medical history for us with the name of medication and dose. There is an additional charge for any medications administered or other treatments performed during the animal’s stay. Admittance or release of an animal by someone other than the owner must be authorized by the owner AND the Animal Hospital at the Crossroads. For reservations or more information please call (831) 624-0131 or (800) 995-1485.


The Animal Hospital at the Crossroads
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